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Ron Paul’s Karma Part 1

In January 2008, Wolf Blitzer interviewed Ron Paul and asked him about the controversial letters in The Situation Room on CNN. It can be debated that Ron Paul is a racist. True, there are many who believe that he is. One truth that is undeniable is that these Newsletters have been brought to the surface on many occasions. Each time the people remember his past, he loses popularity. But will that happen this time?

The fever of national racism against Obama and anyone who is deemed to be a “liberal” has been stoked into a hysteria that is both alarming and odious. The difference with Ron Paul and the new generation of “defenders of white civil rights” versus the old school racists is that they have learned to be “honest about preserving their heritage” while claiming to not “hate” other races.

There are numerous examples of Ron Paul’s Newsletters, just Google Ron Paul Newsletters and get ready to read for a long long time. If you are really bored, just google Ron Paul American Third Position, Ron Paul Don Black, Ron Paul Martin Luther King Race War (we’ll be covering those topics in the next post).

CNN Wolf Blitzer The Situation Room Ron Paul Interview 2008 Part One (05:28):

CNN Wolf Blitzer The Situation Room Ron Paul Interview 2008 Part Two (05:28):

Don’t fall for Ron Paul. He’s not the savior of our Nation, he’s its Assassin.

Stay tuned for Ron Paul and the White Supremes coming next post!

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