Truth v Propaganda

When I first started getting interested in politics about two years ago, I already knew FOX was conservative to some degree. Never having watched the channel, I was a little naive about how biased that channel had slowly become. Once I joined Facebook in 2009, my eyes were opened to just how corrupt that channel, the GOP, and their agenda for America really is. I couldn’t believe how far the right wing media had gone until I read the comments and researched the information in the right wing media myself.

Gathered here is a collection of articles I have found on the internet which clearly detail all of the essential history which is at the beginning of the period of time in which we find ourselves at the climax. The Fascist takeover of America is fully at hand. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a fact.

FOX and the Fascist Axis of Evil:
In 1932, Fox Helped
Make Propaganda
Films for Hitler
  How Bush’s
grandfather helped
Hitler’s rise to power
  Prescott Bush and
the Fascist Plot to
overthrow FDR
  How Roger Ailes
Built the Fox News
Fear Factory
    Rupert Murdoch and
Jeb Bush Want to
Reform Education
  1. OUtFOXed! Thanks!

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