Obama’s LGBT Record

Obama's LGBT RecordPresident Obama is the most pro-LGBT president in the history of the United States. His “evolution” over the issue of gay marriage was nothing short of leadership brilliance. That process gave citizens a very publicly visible transition into acceptance of gay marriage equality thus a path for them to follow. In response to his transition, many individuals who voted against gay marriage began making the personal transition themselves. For those who may be skeptical of President Obama’s support of LGBT Equality, or who may want to simply take a happy stroll down memory lane, check out all of the accomplishments of Obama and other Democrats in our national march towards greater equality.

Due to the load time for videos, the full record is divided into individual years. Click on the Year, Next, or Previous.

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Mar 28 — Candidate Barack Obama appears on “The View”.

Jun 18 — Michelle Obama co-hosts “The View”.


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