Campaign For Liberty, Tea Party, and White Nationalists

Since the founding of The American Third Position (A3P) – recently renamed to American Freedom Party (AFP, which is oddly the same initials as the other tea party group, the Americans For Prosperity), the group has actively attempted to connect with and infiltrate the Tea Party. This is made easier by the fact that both parties share very similar beliefs about immigrants, non-whites, non-Christians, and non-straight people. They also share similar fiscal positions with extreme conservatives. Until recently, their activities were well documented and found right on google. After digging, the new, less searchable site has been found. Due to the difficulty finding the page, and the loss of some of their comments, included below are the original page’s screen shots, followed by the actual text, as well as the link to their new page.

“The American Third Position (A3P) Party is an American political party of the far-right, which promotes white nationalism. It was founded in 2010, and defines its principal mission as representing the political interests of white Americans.” – Wikipedia

“The American Freedom Party is a party that represents the interests and issues of White Americans and all Americans who support our mission.” – Excerpt from AFP Mission Statement

new Wiki article for American Freedom Party

For history details of American Third Position, visit History Commons

Click Here to see AFP welcomed with open arms by the Tea Party.

A3P Networks at Campaign for Liberty Training Forum
A3P News Team | February 20, 2011 | Comments (1)
A3P activists have attended a “Complete Grassroots Training” program presented by Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty (C4L) organization in the New York Metro area, reports organizer and New Jersey state Chairman Alex Carmichael.

The well mannered audience of 100, entirely comprised of our people of varying age, gender, socioeconomic background and temperament, engaged in spirited discussion regarding policies and tactics. A3P shares common ground with C4L on several important issues.

At the full day event, A3P members were afforded the opportunity to interact with full-time activists, state level leaders and local politicians, many of whom were responsive to the A3P’s message of enforcing current immigration laws and the enactment of a moratorium.

C4L leadership glowingly reported on successful grassroots organizing and lobbying, which , not surprisingly, has occurred in racially homogeneous areas. There was also repeated emphasis on the connection between C4L and the inception and successful two-year activism of Tea Parties around the US, widely known for demographic similarity.

Interestingly, PowerPoint presentations during the day reflected the implicitly white nature of this movement. Notable references included historical figures from Ancient Rome, the European Renaissance, and America in the 1950’s. Wholesome photographs to illustrate strategic advice and activist morale were also of a homogeneous nature.

The presenter, a national level coordinator for the organization, was representative of Middle America: friendly, folksy and down to earth. He imprudently used several politically correct anecdotes involving non-white celebrities and 1960s activists that appeared to fall on deaf ears.

Obamacare, among the hottest topics that day, represents the calamitous overall transfer of resources from the white middle and working classes to Third World inhabitants. Also, the burgeoning movement to eliminate the systematically corrupt Federal Reserve Bank, spearheaded by C4L, is a critical step in the right direction.

Much was made of the concept of “freedom” as embodied in First Amendment of the Constitutional. However, we must always bear in mind that this groundbreaking centuries old document was created by the founders of our nation for the perpetual benefit of our people.

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“About A3P: The American Third Position (A3P) is both a political party and activist organization dedicated to the interests vital to the preservation and continuity of ethnic European communities within the United States of America.”


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