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Every now and then, the truth slips out. Fourteen years ago in 1998, a TV Funhouse skit for Saturday Night Live about media monopolies was shown once, then banned for allegedly not being “funny” enough. Yet for the comedy it lacked, its truth took up the slack.

From Huffington Post:
“In March of 1998, the popular “TV Funhouse” cartoon segment on “Saturday Night Live” featured one particularly political short called “Conspiracy Theory Rock!”. In it, corporations like GE and FOX were depicted as a “media-opoly,” and their cartoon figureheads devoured smaller news companies in a scathing “School House Rock” parody (a controversial move at the time, considering GE owned NBC).”
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So who gives a crap if media companiess form huge monopolies? Maybe then I will finally be able to fit more Kardashians in to my daily schedule!

Yes, we all hope to do that, but there is a reason that businesses tend to monopolize: Power. What power does the media have? Control over our thoughts, our lives, our choices, our government, our laws, everything – because we allow it by trusting what we see. Sadly, there aren’t enough people that simply want to shut off their hypnotelevisions to make a significant impact in the propaganda being promulgated straight into their minds.

Thanks to the Citizens United decision of 2010, the Media Empires have discovered an UNLIMITED new blood vein from which to suck UNLIMITED amounts of funds from politicians who are using that media airtime to, for the most part, convince you to vote against your own best interests. Particularly the Republicans who not only lie out loud, but use fabricated ideologies to make you think if we just eliminate regulations on corporations and cut all social programs, prosperity will flourish. The above SNL Skit includes a brief slide on this very subject.

Q: Who gains from Citizens United?
     A: The Media Monopolies, the Corporate powers who stand to gain from friendly legislation, and the Politicians who use them for power.
Q: Where does all that money come from?
     A: From donations to political campaigns, often in huge sums from anonymous donors funneled through Super PACs and other fabricated entites. Some of that also comes from small individual donations, but when it comes to pro-corporate politicians, the money flows from big pockets.

Imagine how all those millions could help the economy, feed the hungry, heal the sick, educate the next generation…

Q: Where does all that advertisement money GO?
    A: To the Media-opolies.

Media manipulation is now sold to the highest unlimited bidder who only has two things in mind when they plunk down those huge wads of cash to get airtime: Power and Money. Not the power to be the best selling toilet paper or healthiest candy bar on earth… but the power to parasitically drain the life blood from the consumer and throw them away while continuing to consolidate their power at the expense of freedom, fairness, the environment, life and the world. Right now a very controversial pair of bills called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (PROTECT IP Act) are being supported by the major media networks that experts believe will severely inhibit freedom and innovation by turning the internet into a cyber police state. Fortunately for now, the Obama Administration recently came out against these two bills.Notably, there has been a near media black-out of coverage by the same media networks that support these bills.

The power the media networks have over their victims/viewers is strong partly because the victims willingly relinquish their minds to the images and sounds pushed into their homes. Often we already agree with most of the stuff coming from our preferred media networks, so it fits like a glove. We who have broken free from the powerful hypnosis of the media have the responsibility to try to save anyone we can from the death-grip of this parasitic disease. In most cases, the only way to drive a stake into the heart of the lies and propaganda, is by sharing the truth, repeatedly, annoyingly. Never stop shining the light of truth, no matter how futile it may seem. Someone may be learning from you, you just may not know it.

Additional Reading:
The New Media Monopoly, by Ben Bagdikian
Monopoly Media Manipulation, by Michael Parenti, May 2001.


What Would The Tea Party Do?

Just like the Occupiers in the streets all over the world, we are rising up against the corporate corruption of our world, including the corruption of the media.

Thanks to the Citizens United decision, Americans are being constantly bombarded by deceptive political ads by powerful monied interests seeking to influence the minds and the votes of citizens to empower the corporations and their corruption even more.

“Whosoever controls the media, controls reality.” ~ Peter Jennings 1989

These ads dispute the truth, smear reality, and attack the facts. The People out there protesting are making it known to those who have wronged us all that we are here to reclaim our world. That is precisely what you are doing when you Occupy Your Local Media. By writing emails and letters to the editor, calling television and radio stations and making your voice heard about these ads, we are sending a clear message that we are not just going to sit back and let corrupted monied interests corrupt our media. They have to tell the truth or they are not welcome in OUR media. We must EXPECT BETTER, and DEMAND THE BEST!

The Occupiers and Protesters never get their demands fulfilled immediately, however the long term impact of a steady and powerful protest that doesn’t go away WILL have an impact. We are beinnging to win the war on this horrible Supreme Court decision in favor of Corporations as People, but we as individuals must raise our voice to those who manage these ads and let them know we will not subject our families and ourselves to these deceitful, hateful, corrupt ads!

The Tea Party wouldn’t let any opportunity pass them by, and they would never quit. That’s why they are so effective. One thing the Tea Party did we should never do is be rude or violent in any way. Do it right, be polite!

Occupying your local media is very simple to do and effective. When you see one of those deceitful ads, take note of the channel, time, and ad, then get the email and number from the internet for that station. Call them once in a while, and write emails often (always be respectful). Let every ad you see focus your energy on letting them know you are not going to just sit there while they have political wardrobe malfunctions against the Truth.

The media always needs to be monitored and kept in check. This is an ongoing protest that will never end, ever vigil, very vocal.

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