Letters to the Editor

We have the Power:

Unless you are in the one percent, you probably don’t have a whole lot of extra cash to run your own attack ads or political endorsements on television or the radio. In today’s media world, there are many options you can use to promote your message. Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs and other social media outlets are excellent tools to share information. In addition, newspapers remain an essential source of information for a great number of people. Your message needs to be projected through ALL communication channels. Writing Letters to the Editor gives your message a powerful medium through which to shine the light of truth.

Most publications require that your letter to the editor be directly related to a story they ran, so try to tailor your message to fit in with a story they published. Remember you can also search for other news publications in your area and surrounding cities. Almost all of the big publications have their own website with the Editor’s letters right on the site, with comments, and a way to submit your letter electronically.

What to do:

  • Get a newspaper, or click on the “Newspapers” link on the USNPL image for a directory of newspapers in your state/area.
  • Turn to the editorial section and look for the opinion page. Scan the page to look for instructions how to submit your letters. Nowadays, most newspapers ask that you email your submissions. Make sure to take notes about any limitations of word count or other specifics.
  • Write the letter.
  • Proofread the letter, even read it out loud. Make sure it reads like how you want it to read in print. It might be one of the only times that paper ever prints anything you send them.
  • Check the newspaper / website for your letter. Most larger publications have a website with the letters on them along with comment section.
  1. Hey everybody. This is new, this is good. Let’s start talking media contact lists. I live in Vancouver, BC (Canada). Anyone with 2cents on putting good lists together, sharing the lists etc. I’ve got CBC Radio on frequently (the only one I can stand–because there’s no advertising(!), but also stimulating programs and often obscure music). Still though, I’ve called in a few times, and had other instances where I did nothing when a news item contained questionable content (or left out key info). I now have my ears prick’t and will jot down the next irksome thing I hear.
    ..And see.. elsewhere locally.
    But first, Canadian media contact lists! 🙂

  2. Here’s a site that provides a comprehensive list of Canadian media interests, all typesof media with complete contact information. Looking for a name or address for a local radio station or national newspaper chain – it’s here; http://sources.com/MNN/

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