Lowe’s Un-Aired Commercial

Thanks to the great folks over at The Immoral Minority blog, we have for you the un-aired All-AMerican Muslim commercial that Lowe’s pulled after pressure from the Florida Family Association. The FFA is in partnership on this issue with none other than Queen of Islamophobia and Ayn Rand Wanna-be, Pamela Geller, who was one of the inspirations and idols for Norway McVeigh.
If you are a cyberactivist and would like to join the effort to Occupy Lowe’s, click here for tips and tools to make your voice heard!
Like Gryphen at the Immoral Minority Report, we too think it is a really good commercial, even if it is a little “in your face”. Enjoy!


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  1. A great commercial for market-specific targeting, but full of stereotyping (part of its power). Cute, too. I definitely understand the Christo-fascist outrage, after all, REAL Americans are Christers. And by rights white. I’m sure they freaked out about the music, too… ‘course, they never would have heard Lebanese Marinite liturgical music.

  2. I’m less offended by any religious or non-religious reference but rather by the seemingly callous and unspoken reference to terrorism–and the way it’s taken so lightly. While it wouldn’t bother me to see this commercial on TV, I can see how it might bother some who lost loved ones in 9/11. Still…it’s a cute commercial, nonetheless.

  3. It’s kinda offensive from either side IMO. If I were muslim I don’t think I would care for the stereotyping them as terrorists even if is designed to shatter that image in the end…not to mention ending with muslims putting up holiday lights (traditionally associated with Christianity or Judaism). And the FFA type, well, unless a commercial has all white people in it and, well, we all know the rest……

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